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As you already understood, solid wood furniture is not only an expensive and valuable purchase that creates unprecedented beauty and comfort in the house, but also a need to take care of it. Such luxury requires an eye and an eye and a reverent attitude towards safety. Proper care is essential here. Natural wood products are unique in that it is impossible to find two identical pieces of furniture. Even if they are executed perfectly accurately and do not have minimal deviations in size and general appearance, there will still be a difference. The trick is that the pattern on the wood is unique and inimitable, so you can easily determine where your furniture is and where it isn't. What does this have to do with leaving, you ask? The fact is that it is precisely the structure of the fibers of the material that was used in the manufacture of furniture that creates the need for care. And now you will learn important rules that will be useful to you in the future, for example, having in stock such an item as a solid oak countertop, operating experience allows us to suggest some tricks.

Small details are important in caring for such furniture. Make it a rule to wipe your furniture along the grain shown on the surface, and not vice versa. This way you will achieve maximum results and each time you will cleanse small pores from grains of sand and other dirt. The peculiarity of the structure of wood is such that it is able to breathe, clogged pores do not allow this to be done fully, this can lead to the accumulation of excess moisture and accelerated wear. Maintain the optimum temperature in the room where the furniture is located. It shouldn't be too hot or too cold there. It is recommended to maintain humidity in the range from 40 to 60%. In the summer, this figure is quite high, and in the winter it is greatly reduced. In order not to risk it, you can arm yourself with air humidifiers. In a hot period, it is enough to simply ventilate the room from time to time. In this regard, we strongly do not recommend cleaning with washing devices (vacuum cleaners for example) and steam generators. Even after a gentle damp cleaning, wipe the surface dry. Avoid direct sunlight. On bright sunny days, try to prevent this by darkening the windows with curtains, or simply close the blinds if available. Under the influence of the sun, the color of the furniture will change for the worse, in other words, “fade”. Forget about cleaning products that contain alcohol, ethers and solvents. They dry out the wood and damage it from the outside. Detergents should ideally be neutral (PH). A plus is the presence of oils, wax or silicone. Prevent cases of negative temperature effects. Boiling water and even hot steam have a detrimental effect on solid wood furniture. To the armament in the kitchen, you can add protective screens and good hoods.



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