ORDER Technical design project

1. Measurement plan (based on information from the customer, this can be a BTI plan, or measurements of the room, also filled in Brief. with wishes)

2. Planning solution (furniture arrangement plan) 3 options

3. Concept vigorous (for each room a collage (style direction) is created, with selected color scheme, selection of furniture, decorative elements)

4. Working documentation includes the following plans required for builders
1.dimensional plan
2. an agreed variant of the planning solution (furniture arrangement plan)
3.Dismantling plan (dismantling of non-bearing partitions (walls))
4. installation plan (newly erected partitions (walls))
5.plan of floors (floor coverings)
6. plan of ceilings
7.plan of arrangement of lighting equipment
8. switch plan
9. electrical equipment plan (architectural)
10. specification of finishing materials