Since the black wood furniture is made of completely natural wood, it requires special care. You want to protect your investment and preserve it for future generations. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think. To take care of solid wood furniture, just follow these simple tips—and don’t strain yourself! This may sound a little strange, but it’s helpful to think of your piece of ebony furniture as a living thing. During its life, the tree breathes, absorbing and releasing moisture from the air. Even after the tree has turned into furniture, it continues to breathe; and while it may feel hard to the touch, the wood is actually easily dented. Furniture made of black wood simply needs careful handling and good care. Solid wood furniture can not withstand high temperatures. On your ebony dining table, always use a hot cushion for warm meals. For dishes that come straight out of the oven, or for pans taken off the stove, it is better not to put them on an ebony table at all, even with a hot pillow. The heat is just too much, and the hot padding won’t prevent damage to the trim and wood.

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Material: ash wood


Feet: natural wood
Rigid frame: painted, varnished MDF
Doors: ash veneered MDF
Shelf size: 0.4 × 0.4 m
Height: 0.5 m


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